About Us 2

Founded in 2022, my journey began with the loss of my beloved furry companion, Phoebe, affectionately known as "Tink." This experience served as a poignant reminder that life is too precious to settle for dull fashion. 

I also aspired to establish a store within Brunswick County to actively contribute to the growth of our community. It was my goal to provide a means for local residents to shop locally, eliminating the necessity of traveling outside the area for their shopping needs.

My boutique is more than just a store; it's a reflection of my vision and commitment to offering a unique and personalized shopping experience. Founded with a heart full of enthusiasm and an eye for style, we are on a mission to create a destination that inspires confidence, creativity, and self-expression in every individual who steps through our doors.




5101 Southport-Supply Rd SE

Unit 2

Southport NC 28461

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